The Carfax Chronicles

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to have some secret, hidden deep inside you?

Something carried from the past into your future, that you don’t have an inkling about until one morning you wake up and WOW – there it is! You’ve changed and it’s terrifying and exciting and staring you right back in the face and because of it, the world is a different place; bigger and more frightening than the reality you know….

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The Carfax Chronicles

It is 1348 and Vebbia Carfax faces the terror of Judgement by Fire for alleged witchcraft. Nearly eight hundred years later her descendant, Lily Carfax, moves North from London to the ancient Carfax Hall where she meets a mysterious stranger who has no reflection and who moves with a supernatural speed. As 14 year old Lily, meets new friends, Charlie, Hari and James, her life soon becomes a roller coaster ride of bloodthirsty desire, imminent threat and inter-dimensional adventure.

Welcome to the world of Lily Carfax and her friends. Ordinary kids, just like you or me but who carry a terrifying but exciting secret.

Mother Earth is slowly dying, it’s been happening for years. She’s in pain, bleeding out her lifeblood into the universe and to the teenager’s surprise, they discover that there’s more than one world on this planet. There are four worlds, in two dimensions, accessed through portals, all of which are policed by gatekeepers.

Follow Lily and her friends as they embark on a journey into a strange new life; new worlds with new found friends, foes, heroes and monsters…

In a dying planet, with four competing worlds, who can they trust? And will the past help or hinder them?’

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2017, the year the Earth screamed

The Carfax Chronicles are a new series of fantasy fiction books. The first in the series, Earthcry is out now, with the second, Assassins, due out in Spring 2017 and books three and four, Prelators and Tomb due out later in 2017.

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A portrait photo of the author, R A Browell

About the Author

“I love the natural world, the here and now, but also fantasy fiction and fairy tales, not the Disney variety, but those darker, deeper stories that reveal everything about who we are, and I am particularly attracted to the idea of vampires! I love their supernatural strength, their speed, their ability to heal and the fact that they could be a force for both good and evil. But I don’t see why a vampire should need to be Undead to be so awesome. The creatures living in our world have so many fantastic abilities and none of them are Undead, so why couldn’t being a vampire just be a natural, if rare, phenomenon of the human condition? That’s where I was coming from when I started the Carfax Chronicles and I really hope that you enjoy travelling on the journey with me into the worlds I have created.

I live in the North East of England, near a Bronze Age settlement and the ring and cup markings that feature in the books. It’s a place of ancient castles, myths and legends, fairy tales, heroes, heroines and monsters, but none of these are defined by geography. They are everywhere in the world around us and I look forward to taking you all over our fantastic world and into the others, as we start on our Carfax Chronicle adventures…”


Thanks to David and Vanessa at Tyne bridge publishing and Lorna for the introduction. Also to Katy and Marc at Digital Sidekick for the inspirational illustrations and Nicola and Andy at Keltie Cochrane for their brilliant website design. Huge thanks to Clare Lee at Steve Davison Advertising for her invaluable advice. No thanks would be complete without including Fiona, Donna, Angela and Clare my fantastic readers for all their thoughts and suggestions and finally for Philip, Lizzie and Vicky who inspired this book and who were with me every step of the way searching for ring and cup markings in the wonderful county that is Northumberland.

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